Starlink is great but you need a little bit of software help

Starlink is great but you need a little bit of software help

I've installed a Starlink antenna like other fellow boaters but its not up to the requirement of my work where i do frequent meeting that i have to direct.   So i put myself in search of solutions.   One is the Speedify application that enable network bonding.

If you want to read on the subject of Starlink on boat there are plenty of web site to look at.  Here are the most usefull:


Steve at Seabits:

These guys for the 12v conversion:

SV Renaissance for their technical contribution, with 2 Starlink on board:

Reliable Remote Work with Two Starlinks (


And down below is a transcript of an interview i'll be giving at Speedify Live on December 20th, 2022 which tells a little bit more about how to use Starlink on a boat :

Q:First tell us a bit about yourself. 
Am a regular IT guy specialized in strategic consulting. Been doing that for 30 some years now.   Starting teleworking on my boat in 2021.

When did you start using Speedify?  About a month ago !
When did you start using Starlink?  Two months ago in October when i arrived in St Martin and i took delivery on my antenna.


Q: Where (physically) do you work?

Today i’m in St Martin the french island east of USVI and west of Antigua.   Last month i was in Antigua and also St-Barth.   I’m constantly hopping from one island to the other.   I’m heading west so east cost of US by March-April.    Always on the move.

Q: What made you want to work on a boat?

While in full COVID lockdown i decided it was enough and left Canada in September 2022 but since i’m not retired yet,  i decided to work on the boat for a while during the winter.   A year later I’m still on the boat.

Q: Why is connectivity important where you’re located?

On many of the islands of the Caribbean a good internet is a rare thing.   For example i pay 50 US for 30Gb in St-Martin.  Forget about unlimited data here.   Its about the same price in Antigua, Martinique and Guadeloupe.   The volcanic topology of many of these islands means that on a boat, you might be in a low signal zone.   Cell antennas are optimized for the inhabitants of the island, not for the boats around.

Q:What are the connectivity requirements when you telework ?

I use Microsoft Teams in videoconference where i have to broadcast as much as receive video.    Jitter should be 30 ms or less, latency 100 ms or less and packet loss at the absolute minimum.   


Q: What is your setup:

I have a laptop WiFi connected to Starlink. This is my primary connection through WiFi. That  laptop is also connected to an Iphone with Itunes (USB connection sharing), this is a secondary network with rate limiting.  

And the laptop has an USB WiFi adapter which connect to a cell phone that is on a low grade carrier - this is an Android phone on WiFi connection sharing (Secondary) .  

Q: Have you used Starlink or Speedify just on their own?

Starlink alone at the beginning but it was very often without IP transport for a minute or so.   Then i started to search for an IP bonding solution and found Speedify.

Only use of Starlink alone is for generic web surfing and Youtube, Netflix on the TV set (wiFi)

I also use Speedifiy on my Iphone connected to the local carrier and Starlink.

Q: What’s the difference when they’re combined?

Starlink for a timing critical application like videoconference absolutely need some backing because it is know to experience small period of no IP transport.    When Starlink is used with Speedify and with other IP sources,  we get the best of both worlds.

Q:  Have you had any concerns/frustrations?

  • For me teleworking on a boat in the Caribbean, i can’t live with Starlink+Speedify.
  •  I have also to make some Remote Desktop connection,  not sure if they can be processed by Speedify yet. I have to make more tests.
  •  I’d like to have the possibility to use a cellular connection only for upload for exemple (disabling download) since the Starlink make a good job at downloading and it’s the upload that is jitter critical.   To make sure the monthly charge is not spend in downloading…

The full lenght of the interview can be found here:


If you want to get Speedify,  use the link below:
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