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Blue Heron

Blue Heron BMS 120A

Blue Heron BMS 120A

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Made specifically for our Blue Heron Modular Batteries. This BMS comes with complete instructions for installation, and protective enclosure. High reliability, probably the best Lithium Battery BMS on the market. 

This is a robust BMS, with highly sensitive monitoring devices, such as reading out to 1,000th of a Volt when using the Bluetooth feature. It shows the several dozen parameters monitored, critical values for alerts or automatic protective action, historical trends, cell-by-cell discrete monitoring, and the ability to adjust parameter limits if you wish to have more conservative values. The BMS comes with factory-set default values for your Blue Heron Modular batteries.

The Bluetooth feature is comprehensive, and allows discrete monitoring, setting of parameters if desired, and a quick visual representation of the state of your battery and each of its cells. This is an ideal backup to your installed battery monitoring devices, and aids in maintaining long life of your lithium cells. We provide a detailed installation procedure with your BMS.

The Protective Box may be mounted on the side of a battery, or on a nearby bulkhead. Note the negative cable from the BMS to the battery is relatively short - about 6 in. The protective box dimensions are 6-3/4 X 4-3/4 X 2-1/4.


Available in two models;  60A for 105Ah and 210Ah and 120A  for 210Ah and 315Ah modular Lithium batteries.

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