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Blue Heron



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Our Blue Heron Lithium batteries last longer and cost less than AGM or other lead acid batteries.  Our 210Ah Modular is a much smaller footprint than our equivalent Drop-In battery (40% of the Drop-In battery footprint), has a longer rated life-cycle, and has more useable power and less cost over time compared to AGM or other lead-acid batteries.  This battery weighs only 55 lbs, and can accept a high charge rate.  The BMS is purchased separately, so it can be replaced if it ever fails without discarding the whole battery; a Blue Heron BMS  or equivalent must be installed on each Modular battery for the warranty to apply.  The BMS ensures protection, safety and extended life of the battery.

LiFePO4 is the safe lithium, with resistance to ignition.  It is not susceptible to the hazards of lithium-ion batteries like those in cell phones, portable computers, or similar high-energy density.  Our factory uses state of the art slitting procedures and assembly techniques, reducing internal resistance. And we use only Grade A prismatic cells in our Drop-In and Modular series batteries to ensure better deep cycle operation, longer lifecycles and reliability. Interconnecting plates and SS screws are provided with each battery. And Bluetooth access provides monitoring of 52 parameters. All of these features set us apart.

·        Longer Lifecycle – 10 to 20 times the lifecycle of AGM.  You’d replace your lead acid battery 10 times or more, before you need to replace your Blue Heron Lithium Battery.

·        Lighter Weight – 25% to 30% the weight of a comparable lead-acid battery.

·        Higher Power – Delivers twice the power of AGM or other lead acid batteries.

·        Wider Temperature Range – Can reliably supply power from (-)20 ̊C to 60 ̊C; see Blue Heron Battery recommendations if you wish to use this battery in temperatures below 32 Deg F (Cold temperature Operations), Tech Support paper, Thermal Pad for Lithium Batteries.

·        Superior Safety – LiFePO4 chemistry eliminates risk of explosion or fire from high impact, over-charging or short circuit; a safety valve releases internal pressure before any rupture; and patented 4-screw wiring/plate attachment at battery terminals ensures no torquing to loosen terminal seal, and, adds reliability to terminal attachment remaining secure and avoiding excess heating that other batteries experience with connections that become loose.

·        Increased Flexibility – Can combine up to 4 batteries in series for higher Voltage levels, or up to 10 batteries in parallel for higher Ah.

User Friendly - All Blue Heron Drop-In Batteries and Modular Battery BMS provide Bluetooth Monitoring, standard. A provided QR Code may be scanned to download the Bluetooth App.

Blue Heron Battery LLC is a US company, designing and distributing lithium cells and batteries built to its specifications by a select factory in China, that meets international ISO-9000 quality standards, with cells tested and approved to UN 38.3 and UL listed. Blue Heron Battery LLC is a registered VA corporation.


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